About Us


Ahumuza Ignatius, CEO

Ignatius is responsible for driving business growth and maximizing revenues. Since the nonprofit’s inception in 2015, he has overseen significant accomplishments at the organization and is a skilled leader and strategic thinker. At age 21, he received the award for the Agriculture Sector at the 7th annual Anzisha Grand Prize. In his personal time, Ignatius enjoys spending time with his family and participating in community activities that support the livelihood of residents.

Janelle Nightingale, Executive Director

Janelle leads the nonprofit in its Mission. With two decades of experience, Janelle has a strong background in nonprofit operations, leadership, fundraising, and marketing and is dedicated to driving organizational growth and impact. She has overseen considerable progress since the nonprofit’s development in 2015 and enjoys writing and volunteering at her home monastery in her spare time.

Alinaitwe Cleofash, Director of Innovations & Extension

Cleofash leads the development and implementation of new and innovative products, services, and programs. As a co-founder of Agri Planet Africa, he has proven skills at driving growth and maximizing impact. He is dedicated to staying current with trends and technologies and is passionate about bringing new ideas to fruition. In personal time, Cleofash enjoys reading and volunteering his time to give back to his community.

Agri Planet Africa

Byarugaba Benjamin, Director of Projects & Planning

Benjamin is responsible for leading and managing the organization’s portfolio of projects. With a Ph.D. and experience to back it, Benjamin has a strong background in project management and a history of delivering successful projects. He is a skilled leader, mentor, and effective communicator focused on building meaningful relationships. Benjamin enjoys attending church, socializing with friends and family, and lecturing at the local university in his spare time.