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We are overjoyed to share the news that Agri Planet Uganda has been rebranded as Agri Planet Africa! This change in name is a testament to our broader aspirations and objectives to assist smallholder farmers all over the continent. We remain dedicated to collaborating with our partners in Africa to enhance food security and enhance livelihoods. We appreciate your unwavering support as we pursue our goal of a hunger-free Africa. Let’s join forces to make a meaningful impact!

We are excited to announce that Agri Planet Uganda is now officially Agri Planet Africa!

We are officially Agri Planet Africa! At Agri Planet Africa, we strive to empower sustainable agriculture in Africa and enhance livelihoods. We believe that food security should be achievable for all, no matter the locality or region. Our mission is to promote agricultural development and transformation across the African continent so that all communities may thrive with lasting sustainability. With Agri Planet Africa leading the way, we are confident that a better future is ahead for sustainable agriculture across the African continent! Join us today and help make a difference.

Our new name reflects our expanded mission to promote sustainable agriculture and agroforestry practices across Africa.

At Agri Planet Africa, our new name reflects the enhanced mission that we are pursuing to promote sustainable agriculture and agroforestry practices across all of the African continent. We aim to empower communities with the access and knowledge they need to improve their livelihoods, grow their food sustainably, and increase local food security. We believe that by collaborating together, we can make a lasting impact and help to shape a brighter future for generations of African farmers.

We are committed to working with smallholder farmers, communities, and governments to create a more food-secure and prosperous Africa.

Agri Planet Africa is devoted to fostering a secure and prosperous future for Africa by empowering smallholder farmers with sustainable agricultural solutions. Our goal is to drive economic growth, enhance nutrition, and promote self-reliance throughout the continent. We work closely with communities and governments to establish strong relationships that ensure the health of land resources and provide long-term benefits for future generations. Moreover, our commitment to promoting food security aims to ensure that all families have access to safe and nutritious food for their sustained well-being and opportunities.

Learn more about our work on our website and stay tuned for updates on our progress!

At Agri Planet Africa, we are dedicated to creating sustainable solutions and developing long-term impact for African farmers. Our goal is to empower and promote farming innovations that cultivate thriving African rural communities. Read through our website and learn how we’re working with local and regional partners to develop innovative approaches that bring about lasting, positive change. We’ve now announced a name change from Agri Planet Uganda to Agri Planet Africa, so stay tuned for updates related to our progress! Rest assured that whatever happens, we are committed to pursuing this important work and making a real difference in the lives of African farmers.

We are delighted to announce that we have successfully transitioned from Agri Planet Uganda to Agri Planet Africa. We are eager to continue our journey of sustainable agricultural development across the continent. With a strengthened focus on food security and economic growth, we are confident that our efforts will contribute to a brighter future for African communities. To stay updated on our progress, please review our website at www.agriplanetafrica.org, and follow us on Facebook, @AgriPlanetAfrica. If you are interested in joining our cause by volunteering or partnering with us, please reach out to us via email at info@agriplanetafrica.org. Here’s to a more prosperous and stable Africa!


Agri Planet Africa is currently crowdfunding until our USA 501(c)(3) paperwork goes through. We seek to raise funds to support our mission of promoting healthy ecosystems through sustainable agricultural practices in Africa. The donations will be used to empower African communities of farmers, women, youth, academia, and other stakeholders through education and training in permaculture best practices, commodity production, entrepreneurship, and leadership. We plan to strengthen food security in Africa and promote renewable, sustainable, and climate-smart agricultural systems to protect the natural world, enhance livelihoods, and provide the next generation with the tools to succeed. The donations will be used to support programs that teach farmers modern permaculture techniques, fund the construction of irrigation systems, greenhouses, storage facilities, and other infrastructure, research into new crop varieties and pest management techniques, provide loans or grants to farmers and help farmers connect with buyers to improve their income and livelihoods. Read more

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