Empowering Marginalized Groups in Africa with Permaculture

Empowering Marginalized Groups in Africa with Permaculture | Agri Planet Africa

Our organization works to empower marginalized groups in Africa, bridging the gap to food and necessities through permaculture. We focus on providing support to vulnerable communities in a long-term and sustainable manner while promoting gender equality and developing leadership and entrepreneurship capabilities amongst community members. Training and technical assistance are given with these communities’ consent as we work together on projects.

The Farmer’s Resource Center for Permaculture offers an exchange platform and farmer field school, connecting farmers to productive markets. Through model farming projects, natural farming techniques are taught, as well as permaculture practices demonstrated. We also offer a Perma-Leadership/Perma-preneurship training program to promote permaculture in their localities further. This combines online instruction with in-person guidance, aiding participants’ skills in youth work so that they can make an impact with permaculture.

Finally, an Annual Agri Planet Farm Day Training event is held to build capacity for sustainable production through permaculture. Lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on training take place during the event to help farmers understand and adopt permaculture practices into their lifestyles.

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