A Celebration of Achievement: Congratulations to Our Executive Director, Janelle Nightingale

A Celebration of Achievement: Congratulations to Our Executive Director, Janelle Nightingale | Agri Planet Africa

Warm greetings from Agri Planet Africa, the home of innovation and sustenance, where we are all proud members of the Banyoro, a Bantu ethnic group, cherishing and preserving our rich cultural heritage. Today, we gather to celebrate a remarkable milestone in the life of a remarkable woman, our Executive Director, Janelle Nightingale.

Janelle’s achievement of earning her Master’s degree from the prestigious University of Oklahoma is a testament to her relentless pursuit of excellence, her commitment to lifelong learning, and her unwavering dedication to Agri Planet Africa. Balancing the responsibilities of motherhood, leading our organization, and pursuing higher education is no easy task, but Janelle has managed it all with grace, grit, and resilience.

Our CEO, Ahumuza Ignatius, and his family extend their warmest congratulations. Ahumuza Ignatius says, “I am glad that you’ve finally been awarded the Master’s degree after the very many days and months of waking up to lots of homework, work schedules, and raising your daughter.” Komujuni Shanita Allen Ahumuza adds, “Congratulations and thanks for completing this great milestone successfully.” Even the youngest member of the Ahumuza family, Janelle Ahumuza Africa Kemigisa (1.5 years old), expresses her joy in her own way, saying, ‘ehh maama, ehh maama uhhhh’.

Our Director of Innovations & Extension, Alinaitwe Cleofash, shares his admiration, saying, “Janelle, your achievement is not only an inspiration to us but also a beacon of hope for all women in our society. You have shown us that with dedication and perseverance, every mountain can be conquered. Congratulations on this remarkable achievement.”

At this joyous moment, we would like to share a special prayer from Benjamin Byarugaba, our esteemed Director of Projects & Planning. “May the Almighty continue to bless you, Janelle. May He guide you in your future endeavors, grant you wisdom, and lead you on a path of success. May this Master’s degree be a stepping stone to greater heights in your career and life. We are confident that with your leadership, Agri Planet Africa will reach new milestones.”

As we celebrate this significant achievement, let us remember the Banyoro tradition of Okucuba enkole, ‘to thank the cattle.’ Just as the Banyoro have always thanked the cattle for their sustenance and livelihood, we express our deep gratitude to Janelle for her commitment and contributions to Agri Planet Africa.

On behalf of the entire Agri Planet Africa family, we extend our warmest congratulations to Janelle Nightingale. We are proud of you and we look forward to your continued leadership and guidance as we work towards our common goal of sustainable and innovative agricultural practices in Africa.

Congratulations, Janelle! Keep soaring higher.

Agri Planet Africa Board of Directors.

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